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In 'Settings' you can configure your instance of RetSoft Archive further.
Click on the Settings 
button in the main window. A settings window will appear.
This window contains 6 tabs which can be used to optimize your RetSoft Archive instance.


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The 'Archive' tab shows your current archive:

In the archive tab you can select a personal inbox on your computer and link it to a folder in your archive.
Note: When logged in with the user 'scansort' it is not possible to link an inbox.
Files placed into the inbox folder will be uploaded to RetSoft and deleted when RetSoft Archive is active.

Search index

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The 'Search index' tab shows your text recognition settings (OCR) settings:

You can select when to update your search index here, as well as your primary and secondary languages.
More about these options is explained in the chapter about 'Text recognition'

Search results

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The 'Search results' tab shows your search index settings:

Selecting 'Highlight search criteria in search results (when possible)' will make it easier to find your search results in documents by highlighting their positions.
Selecting 'Automatically expand search results' will make your search result show up expanded upon searching.
Selecting 'Automatically navigate to page with first result' makes RetSoft automatically open the first document it finds when searching.

Delete search history is self explanatory.


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The 'Metadata' tab shows your metadata settings:

You can assign a more meaningful name to your metadata fields as well as enter some predefined keywords.
You can choose to automatically extend metadata lists and enable auto complete when entering metadata by using the keywords defined.


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The 'Documents' tab shows your settings concerning importing and exporting documents:

You can specify wether to copy file dates when importing files and emails, and convert PDF's into RetSoft documents on import whenever possible.

For export you can choose wether to convert RetSoft documents back to PDF when sending emailing them.
You can also specify wether PDF's should be made searchable by using OCR, and use PDF/A mode when it's available.
Here you can also specify if you want the metadata of a file to be exported as an XML file alongside a document when exporting a document.
In addition, you can specify a folder for your favourites, where you can send documents to by pressing the  button


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The 'Advanced' tab contains options with the biggest impact, only change advanced settings if necessary.

Inside the advanced section you can change some application level settings. Some should only be changed if RetSoft Archive is operating incorrectly.

In addition you can change how often RetSoft checks for updates, and set your Language if needed.